Volume 98 (2005)

A. Hugh N. RICE:
Quantifying the Exhumation of UHP-Rocks in the Western Gneiss Region, S. W. Norway: a Branch-line – Balanced Cross-section Model
Keywords: Western Gneiss Region, balanced cross-section, Ultra-high pressure, Caledonides, exhumation, branch-line, eclogites,

Ewald HEJL & Gerold TIPPELT:

Prehistorical pigment mining on Santorini’s neighbouring island Anafi (Cyclades, Greece)

Keywords: geoarchaeology, pigment mining, Bronze Age, Anafi, Thera

Alexander LUKENEDER:

Taphonomy and stratigraphy of Early Cretaceous ammonoid mass occurrences (Late Valanginian; Northern Calcareous Alps; Upper Austria)

Keywords: Early Cretaceous (Valanginian), Northern Calcareous Alps, Stratigraphy, Taphonomy, Ammonoids

Stephen M. HUBBARD, Menno J. DE RUIG & Stephan A. GRAHAM:
Utilizing outcrop analogs to improve subsurface mapping of natural gas-bearing strata in the Puchkirchen Formation, Molasse Basin, Upper Austria

Keywords: Cerro Toro Formation (Magallanes Basin), deep-water sedimentation, Puchkirchen Formation, outcrop analogue,

Basin, Upper Austria

Organic maturation within the Central Northern Calcareous Alps (Eastern Alps)

Keywords: very low-grade metamorphism, Northern Calcareous Alps, vitrinite reflectance, thermal modeling, Jurassic orogeny,

Eastern Alps

Ronny BOCH, Christoph SPÖTL, Jürgen M. REITNER & Jan KRAMERS:
A Lateglacial travertine deposit in Eastern Tyrol (Austria)

Keywords: U-series dating, stable isotopes, Quaternary, lamination, travertine

István DUNKL, Joachim KUHLEMANN, John REINECKER & Wolfgang FRISCH:
Cenozoic relief evolution of the Eastern Alps – constraints from apatite fission track age-provenance of Neogene intramontane sediments

Keywords: paleogeography, fission track, provenance, exhumation, sediment, relief, Alps

Palaeoclimate background and stratigraphic evidence of Late Norian / Early Rhaetian polyphase synsedimentary tectonics in the Hallstatt Limestones of Berchtesgaden (Rappoltstein, Southern Germany)

Keywords: polyphase synsedimentary tectonics, Hallstatt Limestones, “ammonite rudstone”, palaeotemperatures, stable isotopes,

Late Triassic

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